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  RivahFest Organization
RivahFest final coordination meeting, Wednesday prior to the event at St. Margaret’s School included chairpersons and organizers for each area – from left to right – Suzanne Rennolds (Treasures of Tappahannock House Tour), Tom BradShaw (Steering Committee and Entertainment), Phil Stinchcombe (Logistics & Parking), George Longest (Entertaiment Main Stage), Kristen Morris (Tastes of Tappahannock), Libbie Franklin (Co-Chair and Steering Committee), Marsha Wadsworth, Bruce Thomas (Tastes of Tappahannock), Katherine Newman (Past Chair, Steering Committee, Promotions and Publicity), Tyler Lowery, (Steering Committee & Maritime Area), Terry Brooks (Arts, Crafts and Antiques), Les Sydnor (Essex County Sheriff’s Department), Dale Bonhaus (Children’s Area), Len Stewart (Merchants' Market), John Clickner (Steering Committee and Treasurer), Kathy Kirila (Merchants' Market), Jimmy Sydnor (Town of Tappahannock), Glen Morse (Steering Committee and Sponsorships), Pat Martin (Beer & Wine Garden), Mike Blagman (Fire Department), Liz Martin (RivahFest Idol). Not pictured David Broad (Steering Committee, Web Site), Jeff James (Steering Committee and Liaison) and Sharon James (Steering Committee and 2005,2012 & 2013 Chairman)

Tappahannock-Essex RivahFest 2016
Your official contact list for communicating with the Festival movers and shakers,
sending creative ideas, volunteering and obtaining more information.

Communicating with RivahFest Organizers
Effective January 1, 2015 telephone inquiries and messages may be passed to the appropriate RivahFest chairs by calling 1-804-445-2065 listen to the message and select the appropriate voice mail box - these messages are monitored daily and forwarded to the appropriate individuals and are the best way to get your message through to the right person.... or email the RivahFest Admin office rivahfest@gmail.com

Arts and Antiques Committee:
Planning for arts & crafts and antiques displays and sales and venue to encourage Rivahfest Patrons to visit the local Antique Stores.

   TBA          804-445-2065

Steering Committee liaison: TBA

Beer Garden Committee:
Planning for Beer Garden to include vendor, scheduling volunteer workers, tickets, tents, etc.

Chairperson: Pat Martin   pmartin@essexbank.com    804-513-9682 (C)

Steering Committee liaison:
   Kristen Morris  kmorris@essexbank.com

Car Show Committee:
Planning for antique car show

      Peyton Guess   804-445-3008 (C)

Steering Committee liaison: Kristen Morris

Children’s Activities Committee:
Planning for children’s activities to include games, small rides, arts and crafts, safety efforts, etc.

    Annette Coleman   ahcb0oks@yahoo.com
    804-761-8006 (C);  804-443-3000 (W)
    Beverley Taylor bevybev.1@netzero.net   
Steering Committee liaison: Libbie Franklin

Cornhole TournamentCommittee:
Planning for the tournament ladder, entry and registration, setting up and managing the event.

      Bill Healy   804-445-5775 (C)
      Duby Lowery  

Steering Committee liaison: Sharon James

Duck Race Committee:
Planning for the ticket distribution and sponsorship, duck organization and planning the race and organizing the results and clean-up.

      Katherine Newman  804-445-5422 (C)

Steering Committee liaison: David Broad

Entertainment Committee:
Planning for entertainment throughout the day to include entertainment for adults and children. Music, puppet shows, dancing, carriage rides, etc.

Main Stage Co-Chair:
      George Longest   804-443-4343 (W) 804-241-4912 (C)
Main Stage Co-Chair:
      Sandy Longest   804-241-4219 (C)
Steering Committee liaison: Chris Quann

Logistics Committee:
Planning for logistical needs for event to include utilities, restroom facilities, trash, set up and clean up, signage for parking, bathrooms, etc.

Chairperson: Phil Stinchcomb     804-313-1311 (C)

Steering Committee liaison: Jeff James - 804-241-5489

Maritime Committee:
Planning for activities related to river recreation such as watercraft show, boat rides, water safety information and activities, marine-life/fishing information and activities.

   Donnie Newman donnie0302@gmail.com 804-997-7349 (C)

Steering Committee liaison: Kristen Morris

Merchants Market Committee:
Planning for Merchants Market area, bake sales, business displays, agricultural displays and activities,hunting related information and activities

   Tery Gruner   terry.gruner@bankatunion.com  
804-443-0081 (W) 804-761-2322 (C)

Steering Committee liaison: Sharon James

Promotions Committee:
Planning for advertising and promotion of RivahFest 2016 to include all advertising, print and airtime, and all promotional signage for the festival areas. Responsible for planning and selling festival items such as t-shirts, hats, etc. and planning for “Welcome Tent” services.

Chairperson: Lindsay Harmon  804-445-5702 (C)
Steering Committee liaison: David Broad

Publications Committee:
Planning and maintaining website and development and production of festival program.

Joey Reinhardt   printers@rockfish.cc  804-443-4505

Steering Committee liaison: David Broad

RivahFest Idol:
Planning and implementing RivahFest Idol contest.

Chairperson: Terry Brooks  terry@wrarfm.com    804-443-4321

Steering Committee liaison: Sharon James

Safety Committee:
Planning for traffic control, parking, safety and security of the event.

Chairperson: Corey Beazley   libeazley@co.hanover.va.us  
Steering Committee liaison: Jeff James - 804-241-5489

Second Stage Committee:
Planning for talent, scheduling and management of the second stage at St. Margaret's.

Chairperson: Shane Gallagher   vairish@hotmail.com  
Steering Committee liaison: Kristen Morris

Sponsorship Committee:
Planning and soliciting of sponsorships for RivahFest 2016 from area businesses and related organizations.

Kevin Dolan     kevin.dolan@bankatunion.com
Libbie Franklin     elizabeth.franklin@bankevb.com
Rebecca Hubert     rebeccahubert18@yahoo.com

Steering Committee liaison:   Rebecca Hubert

Taste of Tappahannock Committee:
Planning for food service to include local food vendors, health department requirements, etc.

    Bruce Thomas
    804-445-4312 (C) 804-443-8515 (W)
Steering Committee liaison: Kristen Morris

Teen Event:
Planning and running the Teen activities at RivahFest

Co-Chairperson: Gleta Jones 804-445-3509    
Co-Chair: Steve Jones     

Steering Committee liaison: Kristen Morris

Planning and managing Volunteers at RivahFest

Co-Chairperson: TBA
Steering Committee liaison: TBA

Web Site Updates:
David Broad   db@db26.net 804-443-9000

Welcome Tent:
Libbie Franklin   elizabeth.franklin@bankevb.com
804-443-8164 (W) 804-761-5468 (C)

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