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Thank you for your interest in RivahFest unfortunately our Merchant's Market area is full as of June 13, 2017.


RivahFest 2017 space for vendors is available on a first come first served basis so apply as soon as possible and take advantage of a lower booth rent with your application submitted prior to the above deadlines. Space is limited and will fill early!

THIS EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE RAIN OR SHINE. Set up begins at 7 am. Show begins at 10 am. Your booth must be ready for public viewing by 9:30 am on June 17, 2017. Deadline for inclusion on website and in festival program is May 1, 2017. 

Exhibitor will receive confirmation of acceptance & area placement, refusal, or wait-list status within 30 days. Setup instructions and other pertinent information will be mailed to you before event. Pre-assigned spaces will be provided at check-in. 

•  Submit applications early to reserve an exhibitor space. For new vendors verify that all required product photos or links to website or FaceBook product pages are emailed to Earlier registration will also ensure exhibitor listing on website and in festival program.

•  To create diversity among exhibitors, a limited number of spaces will be available in any designated category. That category will be closed once it reaches the limit. Spaces are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis and your pre-assigned space will be provided at check-in.

•  Space sizes available are 10 x 10 ($150) or 10 x 20 ($200). Your display must be contained within the rented space. Be prepared to set up on either hard surface or grassy areas.

•  Set-up begins at 7 am and show begins at 10 am. Exhibitor must provide tents, tables, coverings, chairs, etc. No trailers/vehicles may be used for display of wares in the arts/crafts area; however, they may be used in the Merchant Market area, given that it is part of the display AND that you have cleared it through the MM chairman ahead of time.

•  This is a closed street festival with no vehicle traffic allowed. Show attendees will walk in or be shuttled. Heavy or bulky items may present a challenge for customers to carry away.

•  This show is rain or shine.

•  Be prepared...bring any necessary materials needed to protect your goods during inclement weather. Displays must stay assembled and merchandise available for sale during your area’s exhibit hours. No early packing up/departure will be allowed before closing time for your area. You will not be allowed to bring your vehicle on site during festival. Failure to comply with this rule will render you ineligible for all future RivahFest events.

•  Any sale of firearms, knives or weapons will be prohibited.

•  Any vendor selling processed food items must provide an inspection report from VA Dept of Agriculture or obtain a health permit from the Health Dept.—you should also expect to be inspected by the Health Department the morning of the event.

•  All vendors and business owners need to comply with State of Virginia tax laws. More information is available online at

•  Detailed instructions, parking pass and other information will be mailed to you prior to the event. Pre-assigned spaces will be provided during check-in on day of festival.

•  Additional applications and information is available online at or call 804-445-2065 and leave a message or e-mail us at


To qualify for Arts and Crafts 80% of merchandise must be handmade by exhibitor. All other booths please apply under Merchants Market.


(Food Vendor) Our Taste of Tappahannock area is full and we are no longer taking applications. Thank you.

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